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6 Proper Palms for Extra Privacy in Pinellas Backyards

Welcome to the world of backyard espionage in sunny Pinellas County, Florida, where the spies are nosy neighbors, and your best defense is a trusty palm tree. In the Sunshine State, where the sun is as plentiful as the afternoon gossip, creating a private sanctuary in your backyard isn’t just nice – it’s necessary. Enter our leafy heroes: palms. Not only do these tropical charmers add a “vacation vibe” to your homestead, but they’re also masters of disguise, concealing you from curious glances. This guide is your secret dossier on the best palms for turning your backyard into an incognito paradise. We’ll help you navigate the jungle of options, from towering titans to bushy sidekicks, all perfect for keeping your lemonade sipping and sunbathing off the neighborhood radar.

Why Choose Palms for Privacy?

Think of palms as nature’s privacy curtains, only better because they don’t come with a dry-cleaning label. In Florida, where the sun reigns supreme and the humidity can make a sauna jealous, these leafy giants are more than just pretty faces. Sure your lawn and landscape are well maintained but chances are you only want your neighbors seeing your front yard, not the back. Palms thrive in the heat, laugh in the face of humidity, and grow tall enough to shield you from even the most acrobatic neighbor’s view. Unlike traditional fences, palms add a touch of the tropics to your backyard fortress. They’re the perfect companions for anyone looking to add a splash of privacy with a side of paradise. So, when it comes to backyard privacy, let the palms do the talking — and the blocking.

*Note, these tips work especially well for residential yards however if you’re looking to improve fence line privacy for condominiums, apartment complexes and other commercial properties, the tips and recommendations on this article will certainly directly apply.

Top 6 Palms Ideal for Privacy in Pinellas County, Florida

  1. Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens)
    • Description: This feathery, clumping palm is a favorite for its dense foliage and tropical flair.
    • Growth Rate: Moderately fast, making it a quick solution for privacy needs.
    • Privacy Coverage: Excellent, thanks to its bushy growth and ability to reach up to 20 feet.
  2. Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii)
    • Description: Known for its elegant, bamboo-like stems and lush green leaves.
    • Maintenance Needs: Low. It’s a hardy choice that’s tolerant of varied conditions.
    • Suitability for Tight Spaces: Ideal, as it grows upright and doesn’t spread wide.
  3. Lady Palm (Rhapis excelsa)
    • Growth Habits: Slow-growing, but worth the wait for its distinctive, fan-shaped leaves.
    • Shade Tolerance: High, making it versatile for different areas of the yard.
    • Visual Appeal: Offers a refined and sophisticated look.
  4. Pygmy Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii)
    • Size: Small, reaching only about 6-10 feet, perfect for smaller yards.
    • Ideal Planting Locations: Great near patios or in garden corners.
    • Aesthetic Value: Delivers an elegant, exotic vibe with its slender trunk and arching leaves.
  5. Christmas Palm
    • Description: This palm is named for its bright red fruits that often appear around Christmas time. It has a smooth, slender trunk with a crown of arching fronds.
    • Growth Rate: Moderate to fast, quickly adding tropical charm to your yard.
    • Ideal Planting Locations: Works well in smaller spaces due to its compact size, reaching about 15-25 feet in height.
    • Aesthetic Value: Adds a festive and elegant touch, especially when the fruits appear.
    • Use for Privacy: Good when planted in groups, creating a visually appealing, semi-dense barrier.
  6. Lipstick Palm (Cyrtostachys renda)
    • Description: Known for its striking red to maroon-colored stems, resembling a tube of lipstick. It’s a real showstopper in any landscape.
    • Growth Rate: Slow to moderate, but its vivid coloration makes it worth the wait.
    • Privacy Coverage: Moderate. Best used in clusters for a denser privacy screen.
    • Climate Suitability: Prefers humid, tropical conditions and does not tolerate cold well, making it ideal for Florida’s warmer regions.
    • Water Needs: High. This palm loves consistently moist soil, mirroring its native swampy habitats.

Considerations When Planting Palms for Privacy

Planting palms is not just about digging a hole and hoping for the best. It’s more like matchmaking – finding the perfect spot for your leafy companion to thrive. First, understand their growth pattern and size. You don’t want to plant a giant only to find it’s blocking your favorite sunbathing spot or peeking into the neighbor’s window. That’s a palm faux pas! Soil and light are like the dating app criteria for palms. They can be picky, so ensure the soil is well-drained and the light conditions match their preference – some like it sunny, others prefer a bit of shade. Watering your palm is like making a good cocktail – it needs to be just right. Not too dry, not too drenched. Lastly, think about spacing and arrangement. You’re the director of this backyard drama, so place your palms strategically for optimal privacy and aesthetics. It’s about creating a tropical haven, not a jungle where you need a machete to find your way to the hammock.

Maintenance and Care

Palms, like most living things, need a bit of TLC to flourish. But don’t worry, they won’t send you on late-night soil runs or demand exotic fertilizers. Regular care is key – think of it as a spa routine for your palms. They like to stay hydrated but aren’t fans of waterlogged roots, so water wisely. Pruning is like giving your palm a good haircut; it keeps them looking their best and prevents them from turning into wild beasts. But remember, over-pruning can turn your palm into a sad, leafless pole. You don’t want a palm that looks like it’s perpetually asking, “Where did all my leaves go?” Also, be vigilant about pests and diseases. These can sneak up like uninvited party crashers and ruin the vibe. If you spot something suspicious, like funky spots or uninvited bugs, act fast – your palm’s social life depends on it. With some basic care, your palms will be less like high-maintenance divas and more like the laid-back beach bums they are at heart.

Additional Privacy Enhancements

Even the best of palms can use a little help from their friends. Think of your backyard as a team, where every plant has a role. You can pair your privacy palms with understory plants like ferns or flowering shrubs for a layered effect. This not only boosts privacy but also adds depth and variety to your garden tapestry. And don’t forget hardscaping elements like trellises or decorative screens. They can provide immediate coverage while your palms are growing into their roles as privacy providers. It’s like having a backup singer while your palms prepare for their solo!

Legal and Neighborhood Considerations

Before you start planting your tropical hideaway, it’s wise to do a little homework. Check your local zoning laws and homeowners’ association rules – you don’t want your palm paradise turning into a legal quagmire. Also, consider your neighbors. Planting a towering palm right on the property line might not win you any neighbor-of-the-year awards. A little communication can go a long way in keeping the peace and ensuring everyone enjoys their own slice of Florida heaven.


Creating a private backyard retreat in Florida doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right selection from these top 6 palms, you can transform your outdoor space into a lush, private oasis. Whether you’re drawn to the elegant fronds of the Areca Palm, the striking red stems of the Lipstick Palm, or the festive touch of the Christmas Palm, there’s a palm to fit every Florida yard’s needs. Remember, the key is to choose the right palm for your specific space and conditions. With a bit of planning and care, you can enjoy your own slice of private paradise, right in your backyard.

Lawns & Palms Inc. does not generally perform landscape design however we do go above and beyond for our lawn care clients in Pinellas County. If we are tending do your yard, ask us about how we can help with boosting your privacy fence with some of these excellent palm options.

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