Apartment complex landscaping

Apartment Complex Landscaping

Apartment Complex Landscaping & Lawn Care

If you are managing an apartment complex and want to increase the occupancy and retention rate, improving the façade of your property is one way to do it. Landscaping contributes big when it comes to a property’s curb appeal. Well-tended and beautifully designed landscaping is one way to tell potential clients that you care about the place.


Landscaping Ideas for an Apartment

  • A welcoming entrance

    The entrance to your apartment complex is the front door that everybody uses. Hence, creating an entrance with a welcoming appeal will be beneficial. Add flowerbeds and shrubs to add color to the greenery. You can also add decorative lights for a safer walkway.

  • Add a common area

    Aside from a playground for the kids, a common area is an excellent addition to the community. The shared outdoor spaces can include benches where residents and guests can lounge or relax.

  • Add some flowering trees

    Trees can make apartment buildings more attractive. They provide shades and make the complex feel more comfortable. And when you add trees with flowers, they add color to the surroundings. Check with local regulations on what type of trees are allowed.


Why Choose Lawns & Palms for Your Apartment Landscaping?

After deciding what additions to include in your apartment complex’s landscaping, it’s time to look for a landscaping company. Lawns & Palms is a trusted name for Pinellas County landscaping and lawn care services.

Here are reasons to hire us:

  • We offer complete landscaping services.

    We have an expert team with knowledge in various landscaping and lawn care aspects. Our team can add a common area or plant more trees and flowers. We can do edging of curbs and driveways, hedge and bush trimming, grass mowing, debris cleanup, and more.

  • We provide expert lawn care.

    We have provided specialist lawn care and tree services in Pinellas County since 2005. With our years of industry experience, we already have the know-how to deal with lawns and gardens of various sizes and with varying service needs. Our expertise, combined with modern technology and tools, ensures excellent results.

  • Flexible services.

    Based on past projects, we understand that it can be tricky to schedule apartment landscaping works. Thus, we accommodate schedule requests and other particular landscaping and lawn care work instructions. Just let us know about any requests, and we will discuss the best possible options.

  • Our landscaping services are pet friendly.

    Pets are important, and they are part of our lives. Thus, at Lawns & Palms, we always consider the well-being of your furry friends while we’re working. We also only use pet-friendly products to ensure that the pets will not be harmed.

Landscape Maintenance for Apartments

Dealing with Florida’s heat and sporadic rains can be tricky and wreak havoc on your gardens and lawns. Not to worry, Lawns & Palms has extensive experience in landscape maintenance, and we know how to deal with these weathers to maintain the beauty of your apartment’s landscaping.
Our maintenance service includes basic landscaping and cleanup during the spring and fall seasons – trimming trees and raking leaves. So, when you need reliable lawn care for your apartment complex, contact us at Lawns & Palms.

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