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Best Water Schedule for Pinellas County Lawns

Pinellas, Largo and overall Florida Lawn Irrigation

For starters, this article can really be applicable to most lawns throughout the state of Florida however further towards the north where freezing temperatures are more common the schedule may need to be tweaked for best results on your lawn and landscape.


We All Love Green Landscape

We all love having a green yard especially if we can maintain a healthy lawn all year round. This mean regulating your irrigation system for the dry season and the summer rains as well. Although this may seem easy and very straightforward, there are some important factors to keep in mind. The frequency of watering your grass and how much you should water it is very important particularly if you are planning to handle the schedule yourself. These factors are very critical especially even harder to dial in just right in the hot Pinellas County climate.


How Frequently Should You Water?

The amount of time you should water your grass is debatable because it will depend on the current weather, but ideally, twice a week will do just fine. During the dry season, you must ensure that your lawn does not get too dry. Once the rain starts getting frequent, you have to monitor how much water your yard is getting. This is important so you can adjust your watering schedule manually or install rain sensors to soaking your lawn. If you are using a professional lawn care service, they will do the monitoring and necessary adjustment on your irrigation system to make sure everything is running properly. Otherwise there are also several options you can purchase to measure the rainfall. Do a search for “Lawn Rain Gauge” and you can pick one up for under ten bucks. This website also has some excellent info on monitoring rainfall:


Can You Irrigate Your Lawn Anytime You Want?

You have to understand that there are watering restrictions being observed in many Florida counties. For Pinellas County you may not run your sprinkler system between 10am and 4pm as this time of the day is simply too hot, and much of the water would be wasted before it truly quenches the thirst of the lawn.


Pinellas also has specific days designated for certain areas. To see which days of the week you are legally allowed to water your lawn, view this page on the Pinellas County Utilities website:


Amount of Water Your Lawn Needs

The amount of water your lawn needs will vary from season to season. Also, the type of grass on your lawn will influence the volume of water needed. You need to know that over watering can result to excessive growth of fungus and mold and may set off grass rotting. On the other hand, providing your grass with less water than needed will be damaging to your turf and result to dry spots. These dry spots are weak patches that may lead to weed growth or encourage insect intrusion. Generally, each time you water the lawn should be getting roughly 3/4s an inch of water.


Lawn care and maintenance can be quite complex and challenging and knowing how to do it properly will be the determining factor whether you have the greenest and healthiest turf or the driest yard in your neighborhood.



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