Clearwater, FL

Just north of our home office, Clearwater FL is a beautiful area, home to some of Florida’s best condominiums, apartment buildings, nursing homes, assisting living facilities and more great places to live and Lawns and Palms, Inc. is fully capable of providing expert landscaping and lawn care services to all of them! If you’re in the market for a premium landscaping company that truly cares about your property, give us a chance to be your solution. We offer free quotes for commercial properties in Clearwater.

Top 2 Best Sod & Grass Options for Florida Lawns

The Florida climate, especially the further South you go, can make growing and keeping grass looking great year round rather difficult. Luckily with the right amount of nutrients, care and irrigation Floridians actually have a lot of options to choose from. With...

Clearwater Property Landscape Maintenance COUPON

Do you have a landscape maintenance company not fulfilling their end of the bargain? Are they leaving debris behind or failing to properly do their job? The time to switch to the best landscape and lawn care company in the Clearwater, FL area is now! Lawns and Palms,...

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