Largo, FL

If your home or business is located in Largo, Fl Lawns and Palms, Inc. is your source for professional lawn care services. From tree trimming to hedge shaping, our landscaping services are professional AND affordable. We specialize in commercial property landscaping for clients such as condo complexes, apartment complexes, business complexes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and more. Our full service team is extremely efficient, coming to large properties in force and systematically yet meticulously mowing, trimming, weed eating, edging and cleanup including debris removal and blowing. We’ve been in business in the Largo, FL area since 2005 and our loyal customer base here in the local area is a testament the level of pride and care we put into our lawn and landscaping services.

5 Reasons to Choose Lawns and Palms, Inc

With a plethora of landscaping and mowing companies in Pinellas your search for the best option may just have your head swimming. Is Lawns and Palms, Inc. the best landscaping company? We will let you be the judge of that, however one factor that does ring true with...

Largo, FL Lawn Care and Landscaping Special

Is your business located in Largo, FL? Do you currently have a landscaping company doing what may be considered a 'sub-par' job? If so, now is the time to upgrade to areas premier landscaping company, Lawns and Palms, Inc.How to claim: Contact us and either inform...

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