Pinellas County, FL

Pinellas County, from St. Pete all the way up to Clearwater, FL is one of the most visited counties in all of Florida. From our beautiful golf courses, to the eclectic and diverse music in downtown St. Petersburg, Pinellas is home to an amazing offering of epic venues and attractions. Although Lawns and Palms, Inc is based in Largo, FL, we service all areas of Pinellas County for commercial landscaping and lawn care. If you want to hire the best company in the local landscaping industry, hire us and keep your landscape looking ‘tip-tip’ all year round.
If you’re in the market for residential lawn care, we currently only offer services for you if your home is located in Largo, Seminole or Pinellas Park, FL. Our county wide services are reserved for commercial clients as traveling nearly an hour, to do an hour job simply doesn’t make economical sense. Our residential service area will soon be expanding, yet in the meantime, please bear with us and if you are outside our service area, Contact us anyhow and we will put you in touch with a great landscape company which services your area.

Special Thanks to the Lawns & Palms Inc. Landscaping Team

Lawns and Palms, Inc. is pleased to give this special thanks to the team that makes it all possible. We've been working with this crew for years and they never let us down. Rain or shine, our guys always arrive on time and never miss a day. Running multiple crews we...

5 Reasons to Choose Lawns and Palms, Inc

With a plethora of landscaping and mowing companies in Pinellas your search for the best option may just have your head swimming. Is Lawns and Palms, Inc. the best landscaping company? We will let you be the judge of that, however one factor that does ring true with...

Pinellas County Condos to Business Complexes, Switch to Lawns and Palms and SAVE

We know you like keeping your grounds in tip top shape yet we also know the struggle many of our clients have been through with their previous landscaping company. This is why we are offering a unique deal just for commercial clients to help them get the best...

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