Condo Complex Landscaping & Lawn Care

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Condominium Complex Landscaping & Lawn Care

If you’re a condominium or commercial complex owner, you’d want your property to stand out to ensure high occupancy and retention rate. One way to ensure this is by having well-maintained and beautiful landscaping. We all love to come home to green lawns with pretty flowers and shade trees. So, for many potential renters and occupants, these things matter.

Aside from increasing your condominium complex’s curb appeal, a beautiful landscape signals potential renters/occupants that the property is managed well and the property owners care about the community. Well-tended landscaping provides a welcoming atmosphere and will attract excellent tenants and unit buyers.

Whether you need to add more greenery to the surrounding areas or need lawn maintenance services, Lawns & Palms is a company you can trust. Our years of experience made us knowledgeable regarding landscaping condominiums and apartment complexes. We understand the importance of having grounds and gardens that always look immaculate.

Why Choose Lawns & Palms for Commercial Landscaping Services?

Landscaping is great for improving your property’s appeal and adding value. Your tenants will love a perfect relaxing space and hanging out with their kids or guests. And if you ever need a reliable company for your landscaping needs, Lawns & Palms is a name you can rely on.

  • Complete Services.


    Whether you need to create a welcoming entrance to your property or add a common area, we can do everything for you. We offer various landscaping and lawn care services, including grass mowing, hedge trimming, tending to bushes, raking leaves, cleaning debris, or blowing off hard surfaces like parking areas and driveways.

Efficient, Expert Lawn Care.

We have a team of experts in managing landscaped gardens and manicured lawns. We have worked with various residential and commercial clients with landscaping projects of different sizes. So, whether a small or big yard needs tending, we can guarantee you’ll always get the best results.


As a reputable landscaping company, we prioritize the satisfaction of our customers. We can accommodate schedule requests and ensure that our working hours will fit yours. Our team can schedule work during off-peak hours to avoid disruption and disturbing your community’s residents. Have special requests about grass designs and the kinds of plants you want on your property? Talk to us!

Pet-Friendly Services.

Our landscaping services not only take your schedules into account, but we also consider the well-being of your pets. For starters, we only use pet-friendly products that will not cause any harm to your furry friends.

Landscape Maintenance for Condominium Complex

Your condominium complex’s lawns and landscaping will need proper maintenance and care if you want them always to look beautiful. Our maintenance services include grass mowing, hedge and bushes trimming, edging of curbs, driveways, or walkways, and spraying weed killer. Cleanup services during spring and fall are also available.

With your landscaping under our expert care, you don’t have to worry about Florida’s erratic weather ruining your lawns and gardens. We will keep your grounds well-kept while causing the slightest distraction and efficiently using fewer resources.


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We take extra precautions to make sure your pets stay safely where they belong while we are working on your property and after we leave. When products are used on your lawn we strive to use pet friendly options always communicate thoroughly with owners so they are knowledgable in the products used. Get a Free Estimate today

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Lawns and Palms, Inc. can accommodate any special requests. From mowing schedules to fit your lifestyle to special patterns mowed into your lawn, Lawns and Palms, Inc. can be flexible to accommodate your needs.