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Importance of Hiring a Pro Lawn & Landscaping Company in Largo

Your home or commercial business landscape is a valuable asset and needs to be properly maintained in order to maximize the value and professional appeal of your property. Anything can go wrong when you hire a sub-pro lawn care/landscaping company in Largo or any area for that matter. Sprinkler systems are one of the most easily targeted fail points for a subpar landscaper however the most expensive factor at play comes down to longevity.

Before we did deep into the aspects of lawn and landscape maintenance that can cost you big bucks when hiring a sub-par lawn care company, let’s first discuss why the good old DIY (do it yourself) lawn care can also carry a huge cost.

DIY Lawn Care Isn’t Careless but Can Be Costly

Sure, you know where the sprinklers are and you’ve got a system for avoiding them with the mower. That’s not where we find homeowners to be losing out. The biggest issue homeowners face boils down to a simple lack of knowledge for properly caring for a lawn throughout Florida’s ever-changing seasons. Giving your landscape the correct amount of water and nutrients year-round can prolong the life of the yard by years if not decades.

According to Home Advisor, the average 2,000-square-foot yard will cost between two and four grand. As we’d recommend a high-quality sod for durability in the Florida heat, expect to be on the higher end of that range.

As a homeowner there’s a good chance you are a professional of something, whether it be programming or managing a retail store. However, most likely you are not a professional at lawn care. If you truly enjoy mowing your yard, keep at it. However, we do strongly recommend you hire a professional landscape company to help you properly care for the lawn, from nutrients to the right water schedule. This could help save you tens of thousands during your property’s lifetime.

How a subpar lawn care company can cause thousands in damages to your landscape.

Irrigation and sprinkler system damage:

The title says it all but to get specific, large riding mowers are the number one cause to destroyed sprinkler heads and are most often driven by inexperienced operators. Often times the home or business owner won’t realize the damage until long after the lawn company has left the area and this gives the often uninsured or otherwise unprofessional company an angle to claim they had nothing to do with the damaged sprinkler. They would rather lose you as a customer than admit fault or fix the damage at no cost to you.

Poor Pruning

Next up would be improper pruning techniques which can leave your bushes, hedges or flowers with bad cuts causing poor or completely failed blooms along with misdirection branches and voids in hedges that will take years to fill properly.

Irrigation Nightmares

From there it only gets even more costly. An inexperienced lawn and landscape company could easily give your lawn an improper amount of water or nutrients, potentially causing the absolute worst possible outcome, complete re-sodding. There are even reports of scam artist companies intentionally slow-killing lawns entirely for the purpose of selling the customer a new yard and then using sub-par sod while charging the customer for premium materials.

Good News for Pinellas & Largo

If you’re located in the Pinellas County area and have a commercial property in need to professional landscaping, or if you have a home in the Largo area, Lawns & Palms, Inc. is here to help. Be sure to research the competition and get multiple quotes.

Not within the Pinellas area?

No worries, simply apply these tactics to your local area. Our super local area is Pinellas County, Florida and thus the articles we write are often made with this area as the focus however when it comes to hiring a professional lawn care company, whether you’re home or business is here in Pinellas or far up North, the information in this article is still applicable.

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