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Sod and Turf

Proper sod and turf choice will assure a good-looking lawn. Some grass requires more sun than others. Additionally, the soil composition is a big factor as to which sod will perform best. We can evaluate your property and advise you on the best mixture of sod and turf to provide you with a healthy and long-lasting lawn.

Sod and turf are two terms commonly used in landscaping and lawn care, and they both relate to the establishment of healthy, green lawns. However, they refer to different methods of achieving this goal:


  1. Definition: Sod is a method of establishing a lawn by using pre-grown grass, which is usually a mature grass turf that has been cultivated by professional growers. This grass, along with a thin layer of soil, is cut into small rolls or sheets, which are commonly referred to as “sod” or “turf.”
  2. Installation: Sod is typically installed by unrolling or laying down these pre-grown pieces of grass and soil over a prepared and leveled area. It’s essentially a “instant” lawn because it provides an immediate, fully established grass cover.
  3. Advantages:
    • Instant results: Sod provides an instant and mature-looking lawn.
    • Erosion control: It helps prevent soil erosion, making it a popular choice in areas prone to erosion.
    • Reduced weed competition: Sod is relatively weed-free compared to seeding.
  4. Disadvantages:
    • Higher cost: Sod installation is more expensive than seeding.
    • Limited grass choices: The variety of grass types available in sod may be more limited compared to seeding.
    • Limited planting times: Sod is usually installed during specific seasons when the grass is actively growing.

Turf (Seeding):

  1. Definition: Turf, in the context of lawn care, refers to the practice of growing grass from seed. It involves planting grass seeds directly into prepared soil and nurturing them until they germinate and establish a healthy lawn.
  2. Installation: Turf installation typically involves preparing the soil by tilling it, adding any necessary soil amendments, and then sowing grass seeds evenly across the area. Afterward, the area is watered, and the grass is allowed to grow naturally.
  3. Advantages:
    • Cost-effective: Seeding is usually more budget-friendly than sodding.
    • Variety of grass choices: You have more options for selecting specific grass varieties tailored to your climate and needs.
    • Suitable for large areas: Seeding is more practical for covering larger lawn spaces.
  4. Disadvantages:
    • Longer establishment time: Seeded lawns take longer to establish and often require more attention and care.
    • Greater susceptibility to erosion: In the early stages, seeded lawns may be more susceptible to soil erosion and weed competition.
    • Uneven growth: Seed germination can result in uneven grass growth.
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Both sod and turf (seeding) have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between the two methods depends on factors such as budget, time constraints, the size of the area, desired grass type, and local climate conditions. Sod offers immediate results and is popular for smaller areas or when a quick and polished appearance is desired, while turf (seeding) is a more cost-effective option for larger lawn areas and provides a wider range of grass choices.

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