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Landscaping 101: 5 Tips for Effective Weed Control

A landscaped garden covered in green, luscious grass is a beautiful and calming sight. You don’t wish to have weeds infesting your grounds. It all starts with a single weed; if you don’t want it to cover your lawn completely, it’s better to act early on. 

To help you with your landscaping and weeding project, here are some pointers that can help you effectively control weeds in your garden. 

5 Tips to Effectively Control Weeds

Always keep in mind that weeds are everywhere. Even when you only see a single weed, it may have already produced seeds ready to germinate. As much as possible, remove weeds without digging so as not to bring those seeds to the surface and help them get sunlight.

  • Know your weed. The first step in weed control is knowing what type you have on your ground so you can deal with it properly. Take note of your grass weeds; maybe take a picture and look for information online. Proper identification of weeds means applying the right solution for weed control. You also should be weary of poisonous weeds wherein pulling one without gloves could cost you a trip to the ER or worse.
  • Start with a clean slate. It is much easier to remove weeds while they are still small. So, a solid burndown herbicide application is much more advisable. Use an herbicide with residual products that can prevent grasses from re-emerging. 
  • Avoid tilling the soil. You don’t always have to cultivate your grounds, so avoid doing so as much as possible. This is because tilling can bring dormant seeds to the surface and help them germinate. If you must dig some plants, use a dandelion digger. 
  • Mulch is your friend. Adding mulch to your garden offers many benefits – it makes the ground look pretty, makes the soil healthy, and keeps the weeds in check. It’s better to use small and organic mulch to block light effectively. A 2–3-inch layer should be enough, as slugs and snails thrive in deep mulch. 
  • Make sure to weed your ground after rain. Rain makes the land more manageable when it comes to pulling weeds. When the soil is damp, it’s also easier to remove all the roots and not leave small pieces that could regenerate in the future.

Tips on Using Herbicides

Sometimes, you have no other option but to use herbicides. However, this must only be done as a last resort. And the best way to apply your herbicides is by spraying. 

  • Use the correct nozzles. Based on the herbicides you are using, you can improve weed control by using the appropriate nozzles. Choose one with the best spray coverage for your garden. 
  • Know the right spray volumes to use. If you’re usually spraying 10 gallons per acre for your weed control, you can increase that spray volume to up to 15 while the grasses are small. 
  • Make sure to follow the labels. Precision is vital when it comes to herbicide application. Thus, make sure to check the labels on the correct rates of spray to use. 

There you have it; 5 tips to help you properly control weeds in your garden. But, if you don’t have time to do all these by yourself, you can always hire professionals. If you live in Florida, there’s Lawns & Palms. We have a well-trained team that can help you better manage weeds and adequately maintain your landscaped grounds.

Lawns and Palms, Inc. has been in the business since 2005 and has become the go-to company in Largo & Seminole for premium lawn care solutions. Contact our team for free quotes and inquire about the latest deals.

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