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Special Thanks to the Lawns & Palms Inc. Landscaping Team

Lawns and Palms, Inc. is pleased to give this special thanks to the team that makes it all possible. We’ve been working with this crew for years and they never let us down. Rain or shine, our guys always arrive on time and never miss a day. Running multiple crews we often have to depend on the leadership of our team captains and these guys are always spot on.

Throughout the year, Richard, the owner of Lawns & Palms, Inc. will randomly visit to inspect the work done by his crews and make certain it’s on par with the company’s high landscaping standards. Checking to make sure no detail is missed and every piece of debris has been removed, Richard has been proud to see that not once has a crew missed something significant. Richard himself also runs a crew, and takes lead on most large commercial property maintenance projects.

You may be thinking “well, this really is just an article about saying thanks, but what actions have you actually taken to truly thank the team?” How about an all-inclusive trip to Key West, Florida for the whole team? That’s how much we care about our team and not only did we take this trip early this year, we’ve been taking the team on this trip every year since we’ve been in business and we have no intention of stopping any time soon.

Aside from our yearly Keys trips, one of the best forms of “thanks” our team receives comes directly from our clients. Often times a member tells us of how a lawn care resident personally thanked them for doing such a great job on their hedges, or even how they appreciated them blowing the thin layer of dust from their car’s windshield after the clean up phase of the job. If you’re a client, and feel like making one of our team members day, next time to you see one of our guys working hard in the hot Florida sun, send a smile or shout a “thank you” their way.

In the meantime, to all our amazing Lawns & Palms, Inc team members, “Thank You”.

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