Tips for Cutting Your Grass and Get the Best Results

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Love it or hate, lawn mowing is one of the most important tasks for your yard during spring and summer. Cutting your grass properly is one of the key ingredients to a healthy and thriving lawn. Every cut will encourage the blades to grow thicker and will help you achieve that luxuriant look your neighbor will envy. Properly cut grass will also help block out weeds and other unwanted plants plus it will also make the grass more resilient to wearing.


While cutting grass may take quite a lot of time during the growing season, make sure that you are doing it properly to make it worth all the effort. From the frequency of mowing to ideal cutting heights, there are important factors to consider to make sure you are keeping your yard looking good all throughout the season.


How To Cut Your Grass For Best Results

Here are some practical tips on how you should cut your grass for best results.

  • Have Your Mower Serviced – It is best to get your mower serviced at the beginning of the growing season to make sure a clean, quality cut. If your blades are blunt, it may bruise the grass and result to straw-colored dieback at the tips. If you’re handy, you might be able to maintain your mower the DIY style to save some money.
  • Decrease the Lawn Height by One-Third – It is often a good idea to intentionally decrease the lawn height by only one third every time you cut your grass – any more would diminish the health and vigor of the grass.
  • Mow Every Fifteen Days in Early Spring – The grass needs less frequently mowing during the onset of the spring season as it grows more slowly during this time of the year. Cutting it every fifteen days is ideal until the weather starts warming up in late spring.
  • Know The Right Height Of The Grass – Lawn grass is best cut at 2.5in to 4in tall. In some areas that are more prone to wear and are heavily used, cut it a little longer around 4in to 5in. In shaded areas, you can may also leave it even slightly taller than this.
  • Mow Only During Dry Days – If you cut your grass when the ground is wet and soaked, the mower will smear and furrow the soil. Wet grass clippings will also bunch together and smother the lawn.

Whether you cut grass yourself or hire a professional lawn mowing service, the key is to schedule your grass cutting so that it happens when the grass will benefit most from it.



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