Palm Tree Down in Pinellas

Trimming Pinellas Palm Trees for Hurricane Season

Trees, including palm trees, lend great aesthetics to any home but they also serve as shade for cooling, stabilize the soil, and even add more value to the property. But when hurricane season comes, palm trees may become dangerous and can be destructive, if not prepared properly.

With decades as a professional landscaping company, Lawns and Palms, Inc knows what it takes to keep your palms safe during the storm. Here’s a great article we put together to help our clients, and the Pinellas public do just that.

More then simple trimming

It takes a lot more than pruning and cutting fronds to prepare palm trees for a hurricane. The preparation actually starts from planting, and here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Plant palm trees about 15 feet away from each other to encourage better root growth.
  • Plant trees in groups. Together, they can endure stronger winds better than single trees.
  • Avoid planting trees in a confined soil, as trees planted there have more of a tendency to be blown over by hurricanes due to weak root growth.

Proper Palm Trimming

Apart from properly planting palm trees at the onset, preparing them for the impact of a hurricane is also important. Here are tips on how to properly prep your palm trees for high winds:

  • Perform proper tree trimming. Refrain from specifically pruning the tops of the trees, because this might induce cracks and decay.
  • Do not remove the green portions of the palm tree. Areas where these portions have been cut attract insects and diseases that may greatly harm your palm trees.
  • Do not perform too much cutting specifically on the green leaves. This will greatly reduce the natural protection of the tree from enduring strong hurricanes. Cutting too much will cause more damage to the trees, instead of protecting them.
  • Ensure your tree trimming only involves leaves and portions that are already brownish in color. This is to ensure the safety of the tree during hurricanes, and at the same time, maintain the overall health of the tree itself.
  • Pruning and cutting of palm trees in preparation for a hurricane must be done properly, in order to ensure that the tree will still be standing after enduring strong winds.

    Hire a Professional Tree Trimming Service

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