Tree Trimming

Healthy trees are a vital part to just about every beautiful Florida landscape. While our name is Lawns and Palms, in addition to trimming palm trees, we provide tree maintenance for a variety of purposes:

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Thinning
  • Tree Cleaning
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Raising
  • Tree Removal
  • Dead Wooding
  • Stump Grinding
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Mangrove Trimming
  • Limbs off Roof
  • Limbs off Powerlines
  • Storm Damage
  • Hauling Brush and Debris

A properly trimmed tree looks better, grows betters and is less dangerous to nearby people, vehicles and structures.

Limb Removal

During times of high wind and rain, the added stress on limbs can cause them to be a hazard. Keeping healthy limbs trimmed to a length appropriate for their size and removing unhealthy or dead limbs are essential to creating a safe environment for people, cars and buildings near large trees.

All Tree Types

We trim and prune all types of trees:

  • Oak Trees
  • Camphor Trees
  • Pine Trees
  • Palm Trees
  • Avocado Trees
  • Fruit Trees

Tree trimming, also known as tree pruning or tree cutting, is a common tree care practice that involves the selective removal of branches or foliage from a tree to maintain its health, safety, and aesthetics. Proper tree trimming can help promote the overall well-being of trees and reduce the risk of hazards such as falling branches. Here are some key aspects of tree trimming:

  1. Pruning Objectives:
    • Aesthetic Pruning: To enhance the tree’s appearance by shaping it for a desired look.
    • Safety Pruning: To remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches that pose a safety risk.
    • Structural Pruning: To improve the tree’s overall structure, particularly in younger trees.
    • Crown Reduction: Reducing the overall size of the tree by trimming branches, typically for safety or clearance purposes.
    • Thinning: Removing selective branches to increase light and air penetration.
  2. Pruning Timing:
    • The timing of tree trimming can vary based on tree species and specific objectives.
    • Generally, routine pruning for safety and health can be done at any time, while aesthetic pruning is often performed during the dormant season (late fall to early spring).
  3. Pruning Techniques:
    • Crown Cleaning: The removal of dead, diseased, or broken branches.
    • Crown Thinning: Selective removal of branches to reduce canopy density, improving light and air penetration.
    • Crown Raising: Elevating the lower branches for clearance beneath the tree.
    • Crown Reduction: Reducing the overall height and size of the tree.
    • Heading Back: Cutting back the ends of branches to stimulate new growth.
    • Pollarding: A more severe form of pruning, which involves removing all branches and allowing new growth from the trunk.
  4. Safety Precautions:
    • Tree trimming can be dangerous, especially for large trees. It’s advisable to hire professional arborists or tree care services with the expertise and equipment to perform the job safely.
  5. Local Regulations:
    • Be aware of any local regulations or permits required for tree trimming, particularly for protected or heritage trees.
  6. Proper Equipment:
    • Ensure that the pruning tools are sharp and in good condition to make clean cuts that promote tree healing.
  7. Consideration for Tree Health:
    • Proper pruning techniques can minimize the risk of disease or pest infestations. Cutting too close to the trunk or removing too much foliage can harm the tree.
  8. Wound Dressing:
    • Contrary to past practices, it’s generally not recommended to apply wound dressing or paint to pruning cuts. Trees usually heal more effectively without it.
  9. Tree Type and Species:
    • The specific needs of a tree can vary depending on its species. Some trees are more tolerant of pruning than others.

Tree trimming should be done with care and expertise to ensure that it promotes tree health, safety, and aesthetics. For large or complex pruning tasks, it’s recommended to consult with a certified arborist or professional tree care service to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

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