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3 Tips to Hire the Best Lawn Company in Your Area

We all want beautifully manicured lawns and landscaped front yards. However, not all of us are talented enough to DIY it. So, if you’re planning to renovate or reinvent your dull lawns and yards, it’s time to seek the help of a professional lawn care company. But that’s easier said than done.

Because the industry is decentralized, it’s a bit tricky to find a good and reliable lawn care company. As such, there is a massive variance between companies when it comes to the quality of service provided. Some will be terrible while others, amazing. Of course, you want to find one that belongs to the latter.

So, how can you hire the best lawn company in your area? We are giving you some tips below which will help regardless of your current area, assuming your home or business is located in the U.S.



Use Google Business Reviews

One of the first things you should look at when hiring a lawn care company is its reputation. This can easily be done by looking at their reviews online. Look at their Google Business reviews as well as reviews on other platforms like Yelp. Although online reviews like these don’t give you the whole picture (some reviews can be extremely positive while some can be extremely negative), it’s a good way to get a glimpse of what the company can bring to the table.

You can also look at the ratio between positive and negative reviews. Obviously, a business with a lot more negative than positive reviews should be off your list of potential hires. Check out what past customers have to say about the services rendered to them – this is an indication of whether a prospective company will be able to give you satisfactory service or if they’re only going to be about lip service.



Ask Your Friends

If you’re still not sure after looking up reviews online, you can always ask around for recommendations.  Ask your friends or neighbors about their experiences with the lawn care companies in your area or if they know of a reputable company offering professional lawn care services.

Even with all the review systems available online, an honest word of mouth review about a business is still one of the best ways to determine if a company is worthy of your time and money. Among the top-recommended companies from your friends and neighbors, make a list and then ask more questions and counter-check their reviews online.

Check how much time each project has been completed and whether it was completed according to the contract. You should also ask whether the completed project was to their satisfaction and if it was done within the agreed budget. Ask about the behaviors of the team who worked on the project if they were professional and courteous or the opposite. Lastly, ask if they will hire said company again.



Take Advantage of and use Social Media

Another good way to look for a reputable lawn care company in your area is thru social media. For one, you can simply search up the name of the prospective company and check out what people are saying about them. You can also use social media platforms, especially Facebook, to look up lawn care services in your area. Depending on where you are, businesses will be displayed in the search results. You can then check them out one by one.

Look for companies with complete profiles and business details. Companies with great reputations will not be afraid to make public their address and contact details. Most business pages will also have reviews from previous clients. You can check out what people are saying about the services rendered to them and help you decide if that business can get the job done for you.

You can also ask for recommendations on your own social media page. Ask your friends and followers if they know of reputable lawn care companies near your area or if they have any that they’ve tried and trusted.


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