Landscaping Tips: How to Get the Best Deals on Tools and Supplies

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Even when you have a company taking care of your landscaping needs, you must have basic gardening skills and keep tools handy. You can’t hire a landscaping team weekly unless you have unlimited cash flow. Thus, you will need to do some maintenance yourself.

First, you must invest in a good set of landscaping tools and buy some gardening supplies. And in this article, we will help you know what tools to get, how to use them, and where you can get the best deals on such tools and supplies.

Essential Tools and Gardening Supplies You’ll Need

You can start with simple hand tools like a rake, shovels, pruners, and other low-tech ones. For supplies, you will need fertilizers and pest controls for your plants.

  • Shovels – there are various shovels that you can buy, depending on the use. Round-point shovels are great for digging larger areas. You will use a trenching shovel for transplanting or diffing trenches around the plants for better irrigation. 
  • Rakes – you can use rakes to improve the soil quality in your garden and help you clean up dry leaves and debris on your lawn. 
  • Pruners – a good quality and reliable pair of pruning shears are needed to cut up dead branches. Make sure to choose one with bypass blades and features comfortable handles.
  • Protective equipment – you need these if you’re going to get up close with plants that have thorns or may cause some itchiness. It would help if you also had protection to avoid getting wood splinters when dealing with dead branches. A good quality glove can also protect you from getting blisters and scratches. 
  • Hose – you will need a suitable quality hose with enough length to cover the entire area. Since you will use the hose to water your plants or clean pathways, the size is essential. You’d also want a nozzle to control the water pressure and spray coverage. 
  • Wheelbarrow – having a wheelbarrow will make it easier to transport all the tools you will be using from one place to another. You can also transport plants if you need to relocate them within your yard. 

To keep your plant healthy and blooming, you will need gardening supplies such as pest control and fertilizers. For the latter, choose the right one for your plants. Vegetables and flowers all have corresponding fertilizers.

Where to Buy Garden Tools and Supplies

No matter where you buy your garden tool or supplies, you have to ensure that you get the best quality. Here are places to purchase the tools you need at the best prices.

  • Local hardware stores. If you live in an area with some mom-and-pop hardware stores, check them out. These places usually offer great prices on gardening tools. You can check out Home Depot or Lowes if you want to shop from larger stores.
  • A.M. Leonard. If there’s a store near you, you might want to check out A.M. Leonard. They have been a leader in landscaping tools since 1885. If you have a membership with them, you can enjoy custom pricing, free shipping, and early access to ordering and sales promo.
  • Home Depot. If you want a more convenient way to shop for landscaping tools and gardening supplies, check them out. Aside from the essential tools, they also offer specialized tools like edgers, sprayers, and spreaders.
  • Garage sales. Garage sales are among the best places to look for garden tools and supplies. Watch out for garage sale announcements in your neighborhood and drop by to check out what things you can snatch up. 
  • Big Box Stores on Holidays.  Your local Home Depot and Lowes big box supply stores often have sales during the holidays where you can score a really good deal on landscaping equipment.
  • Online Used Marketplace.  Be safe, and always meet at a public location.  Apps like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace are great options when looking to get a deal on used lawn and landscape equipment.

Now that you know which tools to get and where to get them at the best deals, it’s time to start caring for your landscaped garden. And if you need regular maintenance beyond your capabilities, you can always contact Lawns & Palms Inc. of Pinellas County, Florida. We can take care of your gardens and yards from installation to maintenance.


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